125+ Toppings to Choose From!

Chil has the largest topping bar selection in Canada

We Have Vegan Options!

Chil has frozen yogurt made from rice milk, coconut milk and soy milk

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Welcome to Chil

Welcome to Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar! Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar, is a self-serve frozen yogurt concept store. We are proudly Canadian owned and operated, and the VERY FIRST in all of Canada to provide 100% Certified Organic Frozen Greek Yogurt! We also offer All Natural Frozen Yogurt Mixes and other All Natural Frozen Desserts, some are vegan friendly too.

Chil is raising the standard with unsurpassed quality. At Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar you'll find Certified Organic Greek Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, Soy, Kefir, Almond Milk and other Dairy Free Options with flavours changing and rotating weekly. We have over 125 toppings with fun sprinkles and decadent sauces to choose from, whatever your mood Chil caters to you!



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